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♦Suzhou ACE Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. is a reliable and experienced company dedicated to providing premium-quality disposable medical and lab plastic consumables to hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs, and life science research labs.

♦With our expertise in research and development of life science plastics, we take pride in producing innovative, environmentally-friendly, and user-friendly biomedical consumables. Our entire range of products is manufactured in our own class 100,000 clean-rooms, which ensures the highest level of hygiene and quality.

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Specializing in high-quality medical and biolab parts

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  • Since Its inception,ACE has committed to manufacture and supply superior medical and laboratory consumables to our customers.
  • 1. Supply advanced production technology
  • 2. Offer competitive quotation
  • 3. Provide excellent after-sales service
  • All our products are designed by experienced engineers.
  • Our customers in more than 20 countries.


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