Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

  • Beckman Biomek FX/NX & I-series Robotic Tips

    Beckman Biomek FX/NX & I-series Robotic Tips

    20ul,50ul,250ul,1025ul Pipette Tips for Beckman FX/NX, I-series system ,Racked, Sterile or Non-sterile
  • Hamilton CO-RE tips

    Hamilton CO-RE tips

    50ul,300ul,1000ul medical for Hamilton Star, Starlet and Nimbus micro disposable conductive robotic pipette tips
  • Tecan LiHa Tip

    Tecan LiHa Tip

    Available as standard, filtered and/or liquid sensing
    RNase&DNase free, endotoxin, bioburden and pyrogen free
    Low percentage coefficient of variation (%CV)
    Capacity range:20ul,50μL,200μL,1000μL
    Product category:With/without filter,sterilized, transparent/conductive/low adsorption,RNase-/DNase-free
    Compatibility: Tecan® Genesis Freedom®/Freedom Evo®/Miniprep/Fluent with LiHa-1, -4, -8 head, Aurora Biomed Versa® with 8-Channel head
    10ul,50ul,200ul,1000ul Tecan-Style Robotic Liquid Level Sensing tips
  • Universal Pipette Tips

    Universal Pipette Tips

    •Industry highest quality standard
    •USP Class VI virgin PP
    •Universal fit 
    •Durable racks
  • Tecan MCA Tips

    Tecan MCA Tips

    50ul,200ul natural compatible for Tecan MCA robotic pipette tips
  • MGI Agilent 250ul Robotic Tips

    MGI Agilent 250ul Robotic Tips

    work with the Agilent/Velocity11 and MGI Tech automation systems, which can be enabled for the high throughput of magnetic bead based RNA extraction of biological samples or pre-configured and qualified to automate high throughput pre-PCR samples.