10uL -1250uL Universal Pipette Tips

10uL -1250uL Universal Pipette Tips

Short Description:

10,20,50,100,200,300,1000 and 1250 µL volumes.
96 tips/rack.
Exceptional durability - all ACE tip racks stand up to the demands of use with multichannel pipettors.
Sterile, Filter, RNase-/DNase-free, and nonpyrogenic.

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    Universal Pipette Tips

    • Suitable for Eppendorf, Thermo, one touch, sorenson , biologix, Gilson, Rainin, DLAB, etc brand pipettor.

    • Material requirements: Medical grade PP.

    • The product has no oil stains and black spots.

    • RNase-/DNase-free and nonpyrogenic.

    Items Specification Part No Packing Case Dimension Case Weight
    Universal Pipette Tips 10ul,Clear A-UPT10-96-N 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 48*27*28cm 5.5kg
    10ul,Long,Clear A-UPT10-96-NL 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 48*27*28cm 6kg
    200ul,Clear A-UPT200-96-N 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.7kg
    300ul,Clear A-UPT300-96-N 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.7kg
    1000ul,Clear A-UPT1000-96-N 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 52*27*57cm 12.5kg
    1250ul,Clear A-UPT1250-96-N 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 52*27*57cm 13kg
    10ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT10-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 48*27*28cm 5.3kg
    10ul,Clear,Long,With Filter A-UPT10-96-NLF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 48*27*28cm 6.2kg
    20ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT20-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.3kg
    50ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT50-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.5kg
    100ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT100-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.5kg
    200ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT200-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.5kg
    300ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT300-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 47*26*34cm 6.5kg
    1000ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT1000-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 52*27*57cm 12kg
    1250ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT1250-96-NF 96 tips/rack,50 racks/case 52*27*57cm 13.5kg
    10ul,Clear A-UPT10-96-B 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 35*32.5*30cm 4.3kg
    10ul,Long,Clear A-UPT10-96-BL 1000 tips/bag,30bags/case 52*38*38cm 7kg
    200ul,Clear A-UPT200-96-B 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8kg
    300ul,Clear A-UPT300-96-B 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    1000ul,Clear A-UPT1000-96-B 1000 tips/bag,5bags/case 67*22*25cm 5.5kg
    1250ul,Clear A-UPT1250-96-B 1000 tips/bag,5bags/case 67*22*25cm 6kg
    10ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT10-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 35*32.5*30cm 5kg
    10ul,Clear,Long,With Filter A-UPT10-96-BLF 1000 tips/bag,30bags/case 52*38*38cm 7.5kg
    20ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT20-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    50ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT50-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    100ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT100-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    200ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT200-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    300ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT300-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,20bags/case 52*38*38cm 8.5kg
    1000ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT1000-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,5bags/case 67*22*25cm 6kg
    1250ul,Clear,With Filter A-UPT1250-96-BF 1000 tips/bag,5bags/case 67*22*25cm 6.5kg

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