What are the precautions for disinfection of Pipette Tips?

what matters should be paid attention to when sterilizing Pipette Tips? Let’s take a look together.
1. Sterilize the tip with newspaper
Put it into the tip box for moist heat sterilization, 121 degrees, 1bar atmospheric pressure, 20 minutes; in order to avoid water vapor trouble, you can wrap the tip box with newspaper, or place it in an incubator after sterilization to dry.
2. When autoclaving, the tip box should be wrapped in newspaper for sterilization
Newspaper wraps can absorb water and can avoid too much water, the most important thing is to prevent re-pollution.
3. Matters needing attention in the sterilization of pipette tips during RNA extraction
Use ordinary EP tubes and pipette tips. Before autoclaving, soak them in DEPC water overnight to remove RNase. After removing DEPC the next day, put them in the pipette tip box for moist heat sterilization. 121 degrees, 15-20 minutes. In order to avoid water vapor troubles, newspapers can be wrapped around the tip box, or placed in an incubator to dry after sterilization. It is best to sterilize directly before each extraction, and do not use long-standing pipette tips to extract RNA.
Advantages of high temperature steam sterilization:
Strong steam heat penetration; high sterilization efficiency; short sterilization time; no chemical or physical pollution during the sterilization process; few control parameters of the sterilization equipment and stable operation; steam sterilization is used to save water and energy. High thermal efficiency.
Yongyue`s pipette tips are made of medical grade polypropylene (PP) material, which meets USP VI grade, has excellent chemical resistance, and can be sterilized at 121 degrees high temperature and high pressure (general electron beam sterilization treatment) .

Post time: Nov-02-2021