why pipette tips with filters are preferred by researchers

Pipette tips with filters have become increasingly popular among researchers and scientists for several reasons:

♦Preventing contamination: Filters in pipette tips prevent the aerosols, droplets, and contaminants from entering the pipette, thus minimizing the risk of contamination in the sample being transferred.

Protecting the pipette: Filters also protect the pipette from damage caused by over-pipetting, which can lead to fluid entering the pipette body and causing damage to the internal components.

Consistent and accurate results: Pipette tips with filters provide more accurate and consistent results, as they ensure the sample is delivered in a precise and consistent manner, without any variation in volume due to the presence of contaminants.

Increased efficiency: By preventing contamination and protecting the pipette, filters in pipette tips reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance, thus saving time and increasing overall efficiency in the laboratory.

Overall, pipette tips with filters provide an extra layer of protection and accuracy when transferring samples, making them a valuable tool in any laboratory setting.

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