How do we ensure the excellent quality of IVD laboratory consumables?

How do we ensure the excellent quality of IVD laboratory consumables?

Suzhou Ace Biomedical knows that quality is crucial in the IVD field. Our laboratory consumables, which directly contact with patient samples and reagents, have a direct impact on the accuracy and reliability of experiments. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our IVD laboratory consumables have reached the highest standards in the industry in terms of quality.

We understand that quality assurance comes from strict control of each production process. That is why we use fully automated production lines and strictly follow the ISO13484 quality management system. By using the most advanced imported equipment and raw materials, we can ensure that each step of the production process meets the highest standards.

Our products include various consumables needed for IVD laboratories, such as pipette tips, deep-well plates, PCR consumables, and reagent bottles. For each type of product, we produce and control its quality in a unique way to meet the specific needs of different experiments.

For example, our pipette tips are made from unique materials and designed to ensure accurate liquid transfer and reduce errors. Deep-well plates are made with exceptional durability and stability to ensure the reliability of experimental results. PCR consumables are produced under strict quality control to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of PCR reactions. And our reagent bottles are known for their excellent sealing performance and stability, which ensures the long-term preservation and stability of reagents.

Our IVD laboratory consumables have not only met the highest standards in the industry in terms of quality but also won the trust and praise of numerous laboratories around the world for their excellent performance and durability. We firmly believe that only quality can win the trust of customers and only professionalism can win the respect of the market.

In the future, we will continue to focus on improving product quality and performance to meet the evolving market needs of the IVD industry. We believe that only through continuous innovation and improvement can we provide the best quality products and services to meet customer needs and expectations.

Finally, Suzhou Ace Biomedical would like to thank all our customers for choosing and supporting us. It is your trust and support that give us the motivation to continuously improve product quality and performance and make a greater contribution to the development of the IVD industry.

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Post time: Nov-02-2023