Choose PCR Plate method

PCR plates usually use 96-well and 384-well formats, followed by 24-well and 48-well. The nature of the PCR machine used and the application in progress will determine whether the PCR plate is suitable for your experiment.
The “skirt” of the PCR plate is the plate around the plate. The skirt can provide better stability for the pipetting process during the construction of the reaction system, and provide better mechanical strength during automatic mechanical processing. PCR plates can be divided into no skirts, half skirts and full skirts.
Board surface
The surface of the board refers to its upper surface.
The full flat panel design is suitable for most PCR machines and is easy to seal and handle.
The raised-edge plate design has the best adaptability to certain PCR instruments, which helps to balance the pressure of the heat cover without the need for adapters, ensuring the best heat transfer and reliable experiments result.
PCR plates are usually available in a variety of different color formats to facilitate visual differentiation and identification of samples, especially in high-throughput experiments. Although the color of the plastic has no effect on DNA amplification, when setting up real-time PCR reactions, we recommend using white plastic consumables or frosted plastic consumables to achieve sensitive and accurate fluorescence compared to transparent consumables. White consumables improve the sensitivity and consistency of qPCR data by preventing fluorescence from refracting out of the tube. When refraction is minimized, more signal is reflected back to the detector, thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, the white tube wall prevents the fluorescent signal from being transmitted to the PCR instrument module, avoiding being absorbed or inconsistently reflecting the fluorescent signal, thereby minimizing the difference in repeated experiments.
Different brands of instruments, due to the different design of the position of the fluorescence detector, please refer to the manuf

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