Ace Biomedical Launches New Pipette Tips for Lab and Medical Use

Suzhou Ace Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of high-quality disposable medical and lab plastic consumables, has announced the launch of its new pipette tips for various applications. Pipette tips are essential tools for transferring precise amounts of liquids in biology, medicine, chemistry, and other fields.

The new pipette tips from Ace Biomedical are designed by experienced engineers and manufactured with advanced technology. They are compatible with most brands of pipettors, such as Eppendorf, Biohit, Brand, Thermo, and Labsystems. They are also autoclavable and disposable, ensuring sterility and accuracy.


The new pipette tips come in different sizes and styles, ranging from 10uL to 10mL, to suit different needs and preferences. They are also available in different packaging options, such as bulk, racked, and filtered. Ace Biomedical claims that its pipette tips offer superior performance, quality, and value to its customers.

Ace Biomedical has been committed to supplying superior medical and laboratory consumables to its customers since its inception. The company also offers other products, such as PCR consumables, reagent bottles, sealing films, and ear otoscope specula. The company has customers in more than 20 countries and provides OEM service and automation equipment.

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Post time: Jan-10-2024