2.0 mL Round Deep Well Storage Plate: Applications and Innovations from ACE Biomedical

ACE Biomedical has released its new 2.0mL round, deep well storage plate. Compliant with SBS standards, the plate has been researched in depth to enhance its fit into the heater blocks featured on automated liquid handlers and a wide range of additional workstations. The deep well plates are supplied in boxes of 50 plates housed in sealed bags containing five plates each.

This new deep well plate is accurately designed to adhere to the footprint dimensions outlined by ANSI/SLAS. This ensures its compatibility with automated and manual sample handling systems, microplate washers and readers.

The storage plate has stacking features for ease of use in plate and automation hotels. An ISO Class 8 cleanroom is used to mold the plate, which delivers an affordable and repeatable high-quality product. The 2.0mL round, deep well plate is verified to be free from pyrogen, RNase and DNase, along with being highly sterile.

A main advantage of the 2.0mL round deep well plate is that it is molded in medical grade polypropylene. This achieves extremely low levels of extractable elements and positions it ahead of the deep well storage and collection plates of numerous competitors.

ACE Biomedical utilize medical grade polymer for molding its deep well storage and collection plates, which has high temperature and chemical resistance. This feature makes it possible for the plates to be stored long-term in a -80 ºC freezer and they are additionally autoclavable at 121 ºC.

Easy sample tracking is achieved through the clear alphanumeric well coding. The new 2.0mL deep well storage plate has been designed to have a smooth, flat surface to offer optimal sealing integrity with adhesive and heat seals. ACE Biomedical also provide a silicone sealing mat to fit the 2.0mL round well deep well plate, which is reusable.

Additionally supplied as a sterile product, E-Beam sterilization technology is used to process the deep well storage plates, which removes the polymer discoloration produced by Gamma sterilization. The plates are frequently screened by an independent laboratory to verify plate sterility in line with the vigorous quality standards of ACE Biomedical.

ACE Biomedical is an established manufacturer of deep well storage plates, assay plates and reagent reservoirs. Its 40,000 square foot facility houses a wide variety of injection molding presses with a high degree of automation to deliver an affordable product with minimal human contact and assembly capability via medical grade adhesives and ultrasonic welding.

ACE Biomedical prides itself in offering the highest standard of customer service. The company supplies products to customers on an international scale, with distribution centers in Europe and the USA.

ACE Biomedical will soon release more new deep well plates , Please pay attention the rest!

Post time: Jun-02-2021