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♦Suzhou ACE Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company committed to providing high quality disposable medical and lab plastic consumables used in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs and life science research labs.

♦We have extensive experience in research and development of life science plastics and produces the most innovative environmental and user friendly biomedical consumables. All of our products are produced in our own class 100,000 clean-rooms. To ensure the best quality that meets or exceeds industry standards, we use only the highest quality virgin raw materials to make our products…

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  • Since Its inception,ACE has committed to manufacture and supply superior medical and laboratory consumables to our customers.
  • 1. Supply advanced production technology
  • 2. Offer competitive quotation
  • 3. Provide excellent after-sales service
  • All our products are designed by experienced engineers.
  • Our customers in more than 20 countries.


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    Pipette tips suitable for TECAN workstations can be divided into two categories: TECAN clear/transparent filter tips and TECAN conductive/conductive filter tips. ConRem is a professional manufacturer of IVD consumables. ConRem RSP pipette tips can be used on the TECAN workstation platform. All pr...
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    Automated pipetting is one of the most effective ways to minimize human error, increase precision and accuracy, and speed up a lab workflow. However, deciding on the “must-have” components for successful workflow automation liquid handling depends on your goals and applications. This article disc...
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    How many hours a week do you lose to deep well plates? The struggle is real. No matter how many pipettes or plates you have loaded in your research or work, your mind can start playing tricks on you when it comes to loading the dreaded 96 deep well plate. It’s so easy to add volumes to the wrong ...
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